Как создать игру для пк

Как создать игру для пк

Игра на Unity за 10 минут для Андроид и ПК / Как создать свою игру / Урок C#. Как создать сетевую игру? RUS UKR Якщо Ви вирішили власноруч створити мережеву гру, обов'язково потрібно врахувати той факт, що в процесі реалізації своєї задумки можна зіткнутися з деякими труднощами.

Игра на Unity за 10 минут для Андроид и ПК / Как создать свою игру / Урок C#

Subtitles Hi guys. I recommend. This will give him weight and gravity Put immediately here a check mark so that our hero as a drunk did not fall over Unity does not see the boundaries of the object until you specify them. It is important for moving objects and their collision In general there are several of the form, choose the appropriate.

Как создать игру для пк

The object falls, but why? Physics pulls it down. Underfoot is not a platform Drag the picture onto the scene and specify its borders by adding the same collider Run it.

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  • Motion But this character does not know how to move, you say. Create an empty script and add it to our hero as a component. Open it and we see this.

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    We see two methods start executes each time at startup, update constantly with each frame change So that ours is suitable for the beginning, we will create a reference to the rigidbody 2d component for working with physics. Unity is so arranged and we will write just one line We accelerate the character with a certain speed along the x axis and the y axis we do not change.

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  • While without animation, but that makes me happy. Jump is also one line. For this I love the unity of anything superfluous.

    A new animation, move the frames and change the speed if it necessary.

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  • Also create other states such as diving or walking. Specify "popka" and number. This is again a ridiculous Russian word.

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    Just do not call your friends like that then add the condition that if the player touches an object with these tags, then the level begins again, that is, restart the scene by the way, on a note, always give the player time to understand what is happening if the player stumbled upon the enemy and the level immediately reload or there popped up a window with the text, then probably he will not have time to understand anything and this will enrage him For example, if a player touches an enemy, then you must include the death animation and only after seconds display a text message about game over.

    The standard interface is the best in the game. Oh listen, I like it if it concerns life, then life is fulfilled and if the enemy is taken away you can also add the condition in the same update method that if the life is less than zero, then after three seconds the scene is reloaded oh yes i forgot to say about how to move to another level add this object you finish so that when the player touched it, then the code worked to open the next scene.

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    That all! Just do not forget to create a scene in advance and add it and here. Ckeck my Instagram, dude and also you can order from me cheap advertising. Search for:.

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    Как создать игру для пк

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